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Looking for a small,mature active social guild.

Pretty much what the title says. I've been playing unguilded for almost all of my time in ESO and have reached the point where I've pretty much done everything I can do solo and am getting pretty bored.

I've played MMO since 2000 and have played EverQuest, EverQuest 2, World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Rift and so on. Main is a 925+ CP Stamina Nightblade in full gold. I have 8 or 9 character at level 50.

What I'm NOT looking for;

A Pixel Army: More power to your 480+ member guilds but I have zero interest in being number 481
The Drama Express: Self explanatory.
Progression guilds: Been there, done that got the epic tee-shirt, cuff links and pocket watch.

What I AM looking for;

A smaller guild of like minded folk.
Dungeon runs, maybe trials without pressure.
A friendly community where people > pixels of any colour.

Also should add that while I'm happy to use voice coms for events I am averse to spending all of my online time with a headset on and ignoring my family, so if being welded to your discord is a requirement then we're not going to gel.

I play most every day. Weekdays in the evenings UK time, weekends anything from a couple of hours to most of the day. 9 traits in all slots as a crafter. PM or whisper @Ethyarion
[AD] Tariel Lithaldoren 1000+ cp Stamina Nightblade
[AD] Ethyarion Lithaldoren 1000+ cp Templar Healtank
[AD] Keridwen Drachenfels 1000+ cp Stamina DK Tank
[AD] Kerridwen Drachenfels 1000+ cp Stamina DK
[AD] Drachenfels Wyndrunner 1000+ cp Stamina Warden
[AD] Drachenfels Shadowstrike 1000+ cp Stamina Sorceror
[DC] Ethyarion 1000+cp Magika Nightblade
[EP] Abbra Cadaver 1000+cp Magika Necromancer

PC EU Server
  • Skygirlx
    Hello there, maybe Saphery may interest you

    We are currently a small community which is trying to grow to do trials together without adding randoms to the mix at all and other big raid activitys and of course dungeons, pve arenas and so forth^^

    Simple to get this out of the way were 54 players yet count with up to 10 players which play the game yet tend to log in at different times...holidays and wow classic quite screwed our activity of the other players sadly. So if you dont mind to be in a small guild trying to recover from mentioned events and do all sort of content together maybe were going to be interesting.

    The guild does have discord but were not using voice too often let alone forcing it to be a mandatory thing (maybe in the future for more complex trials in which communication is a must have)

    Of the look of it your in AD and our guild is in dc yet if your interested to play your magicka nightblade of dc during our pvp groups that would be totaly okay or you simple skip, its not mandatory to join our activitys as long you at least interact with the guild here and there^^

    Heres the link to the page for all infos you may need^^^

    Greetings Sky :)
    Main founder of ''The Last Roses, WIldfire Savages, Desert Pirates and Saphery''

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