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"Brawler" - NO WEAPONS, FISTS ONLY PvE Build (Solo/World Bosses/Overland)

Class Representative
  • buttaface
    Nord (for extra ultimate and tankiness, but doesn't have to be a Nord, for example Altmer takes 5% less dmg when channeling, so should stack (but of course don't know for sure) to -43%- Dmg reduction with Meditate and Temp Guard) Stam Sorc psijic vampire brawler, Dragonguard jewelry transmuted to infused with weapon dmg enchants, body and leg dragon infused tristat, rest werewolf hide sturdy health.

    Hurricane, Crit Surge, Barbed Trap OR Race Against Time for snare removal, Either Meditate morph, Liquid Lightning (low damage, there for concuss/off balance) Temporal Guard on buff bar.

    Invigorating Drain (again low dmg, but there for % heal and ult generation), Dark Deal (or whichever morph most needed) in a flex spot could be replaced with FG Hunter either morph if don't need the heal and resource, Crushing Weapon (assume this works with overload but not sure), Hardened Ward, Mage's Wrath or Endless Fury, Energy Overload on main bar.

    Idea is to build ultimate fast with sets and vamp drain utilizing 38% dmg reduction in Meditate/Temp guard when needed while LL and Hurricane heal via crit surge, use energy overload as much as possible, replenishes magicka for shield, hopefully with much off-balance, finish with Mage's Wrath. CP in Light/Hvy attack will work on Overload even without weapons I think, so can offset some of the loss of weapon damage from no weapons.

    Probably Lover because no Breach. Should have 5k Psijic Dmg Shield while blocking on both bars.

    Probably more squish than yours, so may need significant points in health. Thanks for the idea and great video! going to try this out, looks fun, and something else to play around with.
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