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Zos cancelled mid year. This for real?

  • Brandon32b
    Soul Shriven
    Or transferred from PC to console then building up too much to restart on PC lol
  • Greg11jkalfa
    To be absolutely fair to ZoS, I will remind anyone who is upset about the Midyear even they held in January. It's not here now, but it was still held not only this year, but twice in a litte over 2 months if you played during last year's event. For anyone who doesn't remember, here is the link: And if you wish to make the arugment that the DB and TG event is now being held twice in one year, then you only need to look at why they're doing it. I know it's an enormous joke among the community about how they're never going to really fix pvp, but it's not worth being upset about as if it didn't happen already this year. Besides, tickets can still be earned, and there will always be next year.
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  • The_Last_Titan
    what if we just got the double ap, no tickets, double chests, etc
  • Legate_Lanius
    I really wanted a chance to get the achievement laurels... damn
  • Nexus_Emperor
    4+ years playing eso and it's only getting worse imo. Ummm Goodluck to those who stay.

    Worst part is I'm console... I'd hate to be PC and have over 11k hours invested in this game.

    Iam play 4 Year On xbox one Now The Game is dead im play on pc NOw its Batter good no lag no fps droop ! + 60Fps
    I'm play ESO on Xbox 2015-2018
    AND i Move create New Account on PC EU server Cp1080
    i play Trials i like it more i complete Vmol +VSS+Vhof+Vcr
    i love these game and fun time with new people
  • Ramzdonb16_ESO
    Literally only event actually worth playing. They could have easily done a slightly smaller version with just the gold jewelry and double ap/xp.

    Not really sure what they were thinking? Also BG activity finder works perfectly fine for me.

    So why are console players getting nerfed because of PC queuing issues?
  • Vixenator
    This is actually really upsetting..... I remember in January being ticked off they randomly threw a MID-year event into the beginning of the year. I was upset because I was way too busy with school to enjoy this (and I look forward to this event more than any). I thought ok, fine... I'll get my chance when it comes around again in the summer (like it is supposed to) and I only just found out now that it was cancelled after doing some research as to why it hasn't happened yet this late in the summer......big disappointment. At this point, I'm not surprised though.
  • Vapirko
    They say it’s because of group finder but let’s be honest. Cyrodiil performance under heavy load is worse than it’s ever been and the GF issue is just an easy out for ZOS.
  • Shabutti
    Even as a primarily PvE player, I loved running with my PvP guild mates during this event. Hopefully it will be ready next year!
  • Kamarox
    I plan to stay but hopefully they make more pvp events
  • UrbanMonk
    I've no idea how server performance is in CP campaigns on EU, but on NoCP, lag/disconnects/ game crash are happening at such a large scale with no event, I can not even imagine how itd be during the event. I'd rather have the game performance fixed in Cyrodil against an PVP event.
    If you are going to cry about tickets, then there are plenty of other event incoming.
    With current status of Servers for PVP, JUST NO TO ANY PVP EVENT PLEASE.

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