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My Sugar Bowl Suite

I just completed my Rimmen Inn room today. I had more that I wanted to put in, a bowl of rice, a sugar bowl, a ball of yarn etc but I met the item limit unfortunately.

I would have made it an open house with EHT and invited JHartEllis around but my antivirus reports one of EHT's files as malware, deletes it and refuses to let me use it. I contacted the antivirus company to ask them to check it and mark it as non harmful so it can be used.
Edited by TheImperfect on August 26, 2019 11:08PM
  • dagrdagaz_5912
    Looks very nice!
    I think i like the Elsweyr furniture better than the Khajiit style.

    p.s. my antivirus also really does not like that part of EHT.
    I might be able to get it on the whitelist, but i dont like that it wants to run on windows startup.
  • Tigerseye
    Very pretty. :)

    I like all the red with the dark wood.

    Looks very rich.
  • Elara_Northwind
    So cute and cozy :)
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  • bluebird
    Looks great! :smile: Nice use of the plants to liven up the default drab walls! It looks very fancy and comfortable now.
  • Nila
    Such a cosy place :)
    PC EU
  • lembry_ESO
    Love it! And I agree that the plants on the walls make a huge difference. :)
  • Spacegato
    Really like it! WIsh I could live there for real <3
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