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Core game features do not work, no customer support help. (XB1)

Soul Shriven
This is on Xbox One NA. I have tried reinstalling, hard resetting and all that stuff.

I have been having the same exact issues with the game since 8/14/19. Nearly 2 week's, and not a single reply from customer support. Sent too many tickets to count, replied as it states to renew the ticket. Not even an autoreply from them. Ive sent tickets from the website and in game.

I cannot use guild traders, the only option is *Goodbye*. I cannot use any guild banks, not even my own of my personal guild.
I cannot talk in Say, Whisper, Zone, Group chats. I can type in Guild chats without any issues, and i can see every other chat, and I can receive whispers.
I can use all voice chats.
I can not trade anybody, i can not be traded with.
I can receive mail but i cannot sent it.

This has been going on for nearly 2 week's, not a single reply from customer support on what is going on. I just renewed a year of ESO+ for $140 a few days ago and yet somehow that isnt enough to even get a response about why the most core features of the game just up and stopped working. Even if they just gave a response saying they would look into it that wouldve been fine. Tell me why I shouldn't just refund the $140 subscription fee I literally just paid and leave the game. This is total bs.

Can I get some sort of reply on this ZoS?
  • AnonomissX
    Apparently not.
    Ebonheart Pact, Nord Templar/healer on NA Xbox server. Tall and foxy redhead. 2 other characters I only use for writs. Can't be bothered to create multiple toons. IRL cranky sometimes redhead chick at large in Las Vegas, NV
  • cantine1998
    Soul Shriven
    Still nothing btw
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