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bank set

is there an addon that can deposit/withdraw a pre defined set of things ie like dressing room for equiping a full set of gear but for depositing/withdrawing from bank?
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  • Baertram

    Not that I'd know of.

    I'm using FCOItemSaver and DoItAll to "semi-automate" this.
    Define a dynamic icon for your gear sets and name it the way you like it.
    Mark all items of your gear set with this dynmic marker icon (if it's really equipped gear you can also enable the setting to handle the dynamic icon as "gear" and thus be able to mark ALL equipped items and weapons + jewelry with 1 click -> Any equipped item marked will automatically mark the other equipped items the same time).
    Go to the bank.
    Right click the FCOIS filter icons below the inventory to choose only the dynamic icon of the gear to deposit.
    Click on the filter icon afterwards to set it yellow and "ONLY show" the items marked with this marker icon.

    Click the keybind of DoItAll to "bank all".
    DoItAll settings to respect FCOIS icons needs to be enabled AND the setting to respect the marker icons settings as well (the DoItAll setting below the respect saved icons setting) in order to let the addon move the items.

    Same can be done as you want to withdraw.

    FCOIS filter icons are remembered for each panel so the next time you visit the bank it will again only show the marked items at that deposit panel.
    Edited by Baertram on August 28, 2019 9:16PM
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