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MMR with a 10 level division system?

Will a new MMR be fair and challenging, with not much waiting in queues, if it's based on a division system like in soccer:

Tenth division noobs play only against other gamers on the same level.

9th division players compete mainly with others on their same level but also fight some 8th division gamers.

Players in the eight division fight gamers that are on the 9th, 8th and 7th level.

This structure of fighting also against a few players one level below and one level above your own division continues until reaching the 5th and 4th level.

Average pvp gamers on level 5 will start to compete with some players in the third and second division.

And gamers on the fourth level and above will have an increasing chance of fighting elite gamers from the first division.

A division system like the above will shield sub-average players from being farmed by highly talented gamers. It will also reduce waiting times for the elite since they can fight players who are 4-5 levels below if there are not enough first/second division gamers online in BG.

All gamers should be able to freely decide which division they want to join, but will be automatically moved up or down 1 level (or more) if the system detects that their k/d is very different from the k/d of other gamers on the same level.

Will such a system work in a fair way that also motivates L2P and with less waiting time in queues for elite gamers?
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