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Returning player(s) looking for family friendly guild.

Soul Shriven
Hello all! I am in search of a family friendly guild for my wife, our daughter (10 yr) and myself. Seeing how my 10 year old is participating I am looking for a guild that is somewhat... tame I guess you can say lol. I dont mind swear words to a point. But no sexual stuff or anything of the sorts. Our daughter wont be joining till after christmas as she is getting her ps4 as a gift. We are also looking in a guild that dont have strict requirements. We want a place to talk, and have fun with other people.
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  • Cheetabirdy
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to add that our daughter will be 11 soon after christmas and she is very mature for her age if that matters =]
  • Sookmagook
    Morning @Cheetabirdy ! I love seeing families play together...I did with mine till they got bored and moved on. We have a lot of couples and a couple parent/child combo's but no one as young as your daughter. We use discord to communicate/share info and I would definitely say it is not child friendly but dungeon groups (we do use game voice there) you can pick and choose who joins you and frankly you only need one more to fill out the group so that should be fairly easy. Your welcome to join us and see how it works for you.

    Our recruitment link is several below this...on page one. Its New Scrolls Order. Message me there and I will get an invite off to you.

    PSN Sookmagook NA PS4
    Co-GM of New Scrolls Order
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