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Battleground Class Choice

Soul Shriven
Hey there,
I am new to battleground action.I need make a choice but cant decide.
For 1-49 battleground Action,
Which class more strong, and same time can kill??
I cant decide StamDk or Stampler or support Templar?
Can you help me choose with your advice please?
  • Kungfuumango
    Soul Shriven
    Don't bully the new players bro. But mag sorc probably
  • Iskiab
    Those are all good choices, just don’t choose a class because they’re the fotm. Choose a class based on the theme you want to play:

    Tanky - DK
    Tanky, but less tanky then DK with good healing - Warden or Templar
    Hybrid - Necro
    Mobile caster - Sorc
    Stealth class - NB

    Follow that and if the game changes you won’t flip out, I’ve never seen such huge balance swings as in this game. It’ll likely always follow this theme, and nerfs are harsh and class improvement tweaks are always slow.
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    Looking for any guildies I used to play with:
    Havoc Warhammer - Alair
    LoC EQ2 - Mayi and Iskiab
    Condemned and Tabula Rasa - Rift - Iskiab
    Or anyone else I used to play games with in guilds I’ve forgotten
  • Cernunnos55
    Don't bully the new players bro. But mag sorc probably

    Are you blind? "I am new to battleground action" - how can he bully new players as a new player himself?

    @ OP

    In Battlegrounds everyone just wants to run in and smash face. If you're planning to queue for a random team, go for support. Mine was a StamDen that had some heals, CC, enemy debuffs and ally buffs. Templars never go amiss either.

    If it's a pre-set group or you have people you can ask to form a group and go in with, then you're asking the wrong people. Ask them. They'll tell you what they want.
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