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Doing Morrowind with an Altmer

Soul Shriven
I was considering doing Morrowind with my altmer character when i wondered why would he help a bunch of heretics dunmers and a false god getting his power from the hearth of lokhan.
With others extensions, i always find a reason to explain why a character gets involved in an other faction's region (the simple thirst of adventures or seek of knowledge). But it seems more tricky when it comes to altmers and their cultural and religious conflicts with velothis and dunmers.

Has anyone managed to do Morrowind with an altmer while staying rp?
  • Cygemai_Hlervu
    Here is another reason. Sotha Sil calls each of us a Prisoner - the one who understands he is playing a game. Thus we all, as he says, apprehend two critical insights. First, we face the reality of our imprisonment. We see the determinative walls - the chains of causality that bind us to our course. And secondly, we "must gaze through the bars and perceive that which exists beyond causality. Beyond time.", only then can we escape.

    Thus we know that Vivec will become the only one character to know what threat Dagoth Ur poses to entire Tamriel and the only one to instruct us on where to find the Tools, how exactly to use them and how to stop the Sharmat. He is vital. So knowing of his future role in about a thousand years we all must do our best to keep Vivec alive and powerful. This is the only true reason to help him in spite of your personal attitude towards him and in spite of whoever you are, be you an Altmer, a Breton or an Orc. Even Seryn being an Ashlander helps him.
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