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Looking for Singaporeans

Soul Shriven
Hey Adventurers!

I was wondering if there were still any Singaporeans playing ESO. Keen to connect with a group, maybe even build a Guild to play together.

I've been playing ESO since One Tamriel came out, but i have to admit i have yet to explore a lot of the end game content like trials and arenas. I've always been an elder scrolls fan but not a fan of MMO, which was why I've been treating my ESO experience like a story driven adventure and I've not been one to concern myself over numbers and min-maxing (I hate this kind of game mentality anyway)

Either way, hoping to find some like minded, PvE oriented people to connect with. I have a small group (like 3 other) who I know personally that plays somewhat regularly. Hopefully we can expand this number to something that we can tackle end game content together with :D

Or if anyone has any avenues to a Singapore community for ESO that i could hop too it would be great as well :P
  • Mycelius
    Heya, fellow SG here. I play for adventure story line too. Am not new to single player and mmos, so I know the pain of content tucked behind group play. What's your ingame ID?
  • dodalau
    Hi~ I'm Singaporean and run a trials guild based on Australian timezone.

    We have plenty of players across East and South East Asia as well as Australia. :)

    Do feel free to check us out!
  • spoonman
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I'm Singaporean too, and im pretty new to ESO. Would appreciate any invites to a guild or group (:
  • pHysically
    Soul Shriven
    Any Singapore-based guilds?? add me please @pHysically
  • SP39EMC2
    I am playing Xbox one on NA and EU. I am in SEA. Playing since 2016. I have joined a few guilds all based in NA and EU. But I like to join guilds based in Asia that I can relate to. Please invite me.
    Gamertag is ZxYqvVqYxZ339.
    Thank you very much.
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