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Zenimax, can we get some real pvp balance for underpopulated factions other than increased ap?

I play on non cp 50 and during prime time cause of Fengrush, and his merry band of followers. DC will have 3 pop to eps 1 and ads 1 and just zerg everything down. Increased ap doesn't do anything if we can't push or kill anything because of a sheer numbers difference. We literally can't face DC in open field or we will get our face wiped and if we take a keep, the whole faction is there to take it back in 3 minutes.
  • Girl_Number8
    You should state the platform and NA or EU. Though that Is not going to make any difference. Play a different campaign if that one is an issue or rally some other players to your fraction.

  • XxMissAlycexX
    Idk about you but they could just get rid of faction lock? Lol. Idiots, it’s cause more problems than it’s fixed.
    XxMissAlycexX - Xbox One - NA
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