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<Exile> End-game Trial Guild (GH, Godslayer Progression + many other)

End-game Trial guild is recruiting CP600+ players

About us
We operate through spreadsheet sign ups, amount of Trials depend on Raid Leaders' availability
Raid start times range from 16:00 to 21:00 CEST, 2-3h progression raids will normally start 20:00 or 21:00

Our progress
vCraglorn (HMs), vAS+2, vMoL(HM), vCR+3, vHOF(HM), vSS(3/3HM)
Current focus: Gryphon Heart, Godslayer
LF Stamnecros (95k+ dps) for long-term godslayer project
What we're looking for

Mandatory sets: Alkosh, Ebon, Torug (Yolnahkriin, Morag Tong, Hiircine desired)
- Ability to survive while having good uptimes on Crusher, Horn and other debuffs (Engulfing Flames)

- Mandatory sets: Olorime, Sanctuary, Worm, Jorvuld, IA, Sentinel, Torug (BRP Staff desired)
- Ability to survive while having good uptimes on Orbs, Shards, Ele drain, Horn, Combat Prayer and other debuffs (PoTL, IA)

Damage dealers
- Magicka DD – 82k dps on Iron Attronach (No restrictions)
- Stamina DD – 90k dps on Iron Attronach (No extra synergies for Lokke)

Contact info: Discord - Miza#0546, ingame - @Mizaeron

When you contact me: mention your role(s), DPS, sets you have and Trial experience
You must join discord within 24h and submit DPS parse (if DD)
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