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magsorc feedback patch 5.1.5.

Ok, I tried to test a little with the new DOT meta and frankly speaking this new playstile is absolutely unacceptable for me + the huge nerf to liquid lightning, yet another shield nerf and now power surge makes it simply not fun to play.

There are now simply too much garbage sorc abilities which cost too much and have 0 effect or use in PvE or PvP. --- and pets die all the time now (in PvE).

I am looking forward to subscribe again if things changed. Until then you will not see any more money from me.

As a side-note I find it ridiculous that the DOTs are now the main DD source but they can be applied on just one target. How boring.......
  • Saril_Durzam
    Try to play a bit more; it´s not as comfortable as it was, true, but it´s still playable.
  • malistorr
    Hate having to use Structured Entropy all the time just to stay alive. And the self-heals are not sufficient to stay alive as a squishy mag sorc. I miss having Power Surge heals. They would actually keep me alive (along with using heal pots).
    I hate having a skill that is single target damage also be my only slightly good source of self-heals. I have to use a shield now, which I hate doing and never did before. I'll have to change my gear to be more staying alive rather than dps. I really don't like the changes at all. ESO is forcing mag source to play 1 specific way only. And the already lower than average dps from this class is now going to be much worse.
    Edited by malistorr on August 13, 2019 10:19PM
  • FinrodMacBeorn
    Soul Shriven
    Playable, but neither fun nor competitive. The resource management (if not Breton and (!) with False god) is miserable. Partly, the disparate durations of reasonable skills is responsible (6 sec prey, 8 scamp and wall, 10 reach and soul trap, 12 Degen., 14 volcanic rune) which do not allow for a smooth rotation - neither static nor, due to the then too frequent barswapping, dynamic. Either you loose uptime and damage, or you have problems with resources. And LIKO's parses are not a counter-argument; if you play on that level, then the new pve magsorc is manageable, but I don't believe that holds for the majority of raiders (i.e. mid and low tier).

    I've lost almost 20% dps. Of course, training the completely new rotation will recover the losses in the long run, but why bother? I could as well spend the time on learning dpsing on a more attractive other class - moreover as the main advantage of magsorc , his survivability, has vanished too.

    I don't mind to change my equip., skills and rotations say once a year, but the permanent 180° turns of ESO are getting on my nerves. 6 months ago, my magNB used for raids was hit, now my magSorc. Who will be next?
  • Anyron
    Pvp magsorc

    Some changes are good but some are not.
    +getting rid of pets is good
    +Structured Entropy is nice single-target dot (i always wanted one)
    +with some adjustments to equip, my shield strength is same as it was before (argonian)

    - Rapid regen as heal is absolutely useless and it is waste of bar space. I have to cast it several times to get it on me and heal myself. This skill also targets players with less max health than you have so good luck to get heal when you stand near 18k health player with your 27k. (btw i play only solo - so this is not some group issue)
    - hardened ward cost is insane. It costs me double of rest of my skills on bar which is ridiculous
    - surge nerf wasnt needed and that change made it useless. Not even healer will use it with 3s cooldown
    - with Soul Assault nerf i have no good ultimate to use. Overload is just joke in Cyrodiil because it is slow and everyone can dodge it. Atronach is nice but that spawn delay + cast time makes it useless. (i don't know why there is cast time when there is also delay on spawn). Meteor is waste of slot.
    Edited by Anyron on August 14, 2019 4:54AM
  • Unstable.Pixel
    Idk.. Dropped pets and threw on Blessing of Restoration and Consuming Trap and it feels pretty good to me in PVP. Nice change of pace.
    I swear to drunk i'm not god
  • Narvuntien
    I am going to adapt a bit to see how I like it but I am certain I'll really miss my full-on Pet Sorc. (Imp, twilight, atronarch, Maw of infernal) With Sioria and Nerco, I could basically stand still and light attack while my pets did all the damage.

    Now I have to swap to a more active sorc and now the Sunspire set is better than Sioria so I have to farm trails set all over again :/.

    i mean as a positive it does make me want to play that character again to level all the new skills and get the new sets etc...
  • Emma_Overload
    Against my expectations, I'm enjoying the new dot meta. It's actually kind of fun and challenging trying to juggle dots and hots at the same time. Of course the enemy is trying to do the same thing! It's amusing to see which of us plays the juggling game the best and is still standing at the end of the fight.
  • Ozazz
    changes look horrible for non pet sorc as far as i can see
  • Saril_Durzam
    On the other hand, im enjoying my templar and warden ;).

    Ive done vMA qwith new sorc build. Still need to get used to, died too many times due not 100% comfortable and also i noticed i was way more vulnerable and DPS wasnt better.

    DId many changes, went with more def gear to cope with the matriarch loss. Definetively easier to finish it on my warden. Shrug.
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