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Advice or tips on a specific vMA round? Edited (FLAWLESS!)


Stage 7.

Those dreadful poison spores.

Is there ANY area that is virtually safe to stand? I double destro it on my MageBlade, should I run the resto ult/ward for this specifically? I do like being range but between my harness and cloak, the poisons really do eat me alive.

This is literally the only round I die in and I usually die once or twice. I am so close to flawless.
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  • NolaArch
    If you have some in the center of the arena and don't want to risk getting hit by them, sprint past them one at a time to pop them. You should be able to sprint out of the area in time and it will be cleared. That's what I do and try to stay centered as much as possible.
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  • Chilly-McFreeze
    + Keep an eye out for the venom callers that spawn at the edges of the arena.
  • UntilValhalla13
    The main thing is to always be aware where the flowers are. Always. They're random spawns throughout the room.

    When the venomcallers spawn, the room takes on a green tint. They're super squishy and die pretty quick.
  • Protossyder
    Congratulations, OP!

    Anyways, here is my advice to easily overcome this round (the spores specifically):

    1. Be aware: zoom out your camera to 100% and keep an eye on the spores, so you don't accidentally step into them.
    2. Be agile: You can outrun the spores' AoE even after triggering them. If you get hit nevertheless you also have to cleanse yourself as fast as possible. With False God on magicka DDs it has never been that easy.
    3. DPS is everything: You literally can oneshot the venomcallers (LA + spammable) if you're built on DPS

    i would not recommend building your character on health, high resistances, big healing and unnecessary sustain. You'll end up taking longer to finish the rounds, fighting more mechanics and having a harder time in general. Being squishy pays.
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  • cmvet
    Congrats on the flawless. Yes, this stage seems to be the one where lag, bad timing, invisible spore, ect leads to the most headaches. Nothing worse than jumping on a enemy and there happens to be a spore right under his feet you can't see. Or being outside of the aoe circle when the spore erupts and still getting hit with it.

    Like others have suggested I always try and keep the middle of the arena clear of spores. If you can't, you can always pull the bosses over towards the cleansing pools just incase you need a quick cleanse mid fight. That way you don't have to run anywhere.
  • MLGProPlayer
    Glad to see you got the flawless. :smiley:

    That's a super buggy stage. It also has RNG mechanics.

    Lag/desync ensures you'll get poisoned sometimes even if you avoided the AOE.

    The mushrooms will also sometimes spawn directly under you. I had one spawn under me while I was in the shield during the shout phase. That's a guaranteed death.
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