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mnemic egg tribe - Shadowfen

hey guys lore question - does anyone know what the name of the Argonian tribe that was involved in the "mnemic egg" storyline in Shadowfen - the one that lost their eggs?
  • VaranisArano
    I can't find the name of the tribe, as from what I see, Shadowfen seems to be more like "tribes." Unfortunately, I'm not sure that ZOS had developed the lore enough to name individual tribes in Shadowfen at the time of the base game ESO.

    But I'm learning fun things, like that Stormhold's warriors are called Shellbacks!

    This interview speaks about the tribes of Shadowfen forming a confederacy and "each Hist is a tribe" but as with all other sources I can find, doesnt name names.

    In speaking about Mazzatun, references "surrounding tribes":
    The tribe that lived in, was driven out of, and returned to Mazzatun: the Xit-Xaht
    The tribe who was captured and brought to Mazzatun: the Su-Zahleel
  • Korah_Eaglecry
    I like to imagine that the reason we dont see the sort of indepth lore we encountered in Murkmire in Shadowfen. Is because Shadowfen is now the home of many previously enslaved Argonians. These are people that were born and grew up as someone elses property and were only given some cursory understanding of their own peoples culture and beliefs. But things like Tribes and such was kind of foreign to their situation. So once freed, they formed these makeshift tribes that didnt really reflect the traditional tribes youd be more likely to find deeper into Argonia. And so these groups are still trying to find their own identity and because of this theres not much to say about it to outsiders like those in Murkmire might be willing to share.
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