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Trading guild Stendarr's Merchantry recruiting - low requirements

Who are we?
We are a bunch of friendly people enjoying to play the game and helping each other out

What do we do?
Our guild is mainly focused on trading but has some social and pve events as well. Our officer holds a different competition every month and the top three gets amazing rewards. Every week we hold a lottery that’s easy for everyone to join, rewards for three random winners. We also hold regular auctions to support the guild and we do regular trials so people can learn the mechanics in a friendly environment.

Who can join us?
Every active player is welcome to join us in our growing community, whether you are new or experienced. We are willing to explain all you need to know about trading or the game in general.

What about requirements?
We try to keep very low requirements so that everyone will be able to reach them. Our quota is 3k sales or 1k donation every week. If you are gonna be absent for a while and won’t meet the quota you will have to tell leadership.

We have a discord channel available.

Game-ID: @Elessar1993
Discord-ID: @elessar1993#5778
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