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Pheasant Pluckers Guild - PvP, PvE (Vet and Normal), Social, Crafting and Trade

  • DokThor90
    My GT is DokThor90 , really wanna Join!:)
  • FiveDinosaur792
    Hi there ill get you one out today:) I found out they arent putting a pending invite in your notifications if any of you chaps think youve been forgotten - you havent!:) Message me directly my gamertag is fivedinosaur792 or contact a pheasant pluckers member you see wondering about who will either invite you or direct you to someone who can! Good luck and I will see u online!
    FiveDinosaur792 GM of Pheasant Pluckers Guild on EU/Xbox
  • FiveDinosaur792
    Hey so heres a bit of showing is pheasant pluckers training arena, built by darhysh featured on the YouTube group Curry Gaming. If you join us this is available to you always to practice on. We also have a crafting hall where we have all dummies too and all dlc attunable crafting stations, we are working on getting them all and have 3 mundus stones currently and are working on that too. And then theres the official guild hall and that is a thing by itself where we meet monthly and hold council. Anyway, enjoy!:)

    FiveDinosaur792 GM of Pheasant Pluckers Guild on EU/Xbox
  • NATEJJ871
    Soul Shriven
    GT: NATEJJ87 look forward to the invite
  • jackdoodyb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Yoo gt: Jack Doody thanks
  • FiveDinosaur792
    hey folks invites sent your way today:)
    FiveDinosaur792 GM of Pheasant Pluckers Guild on EU/Xbox
  • Fang_of_Lorkhaj
    Gt: mehrunes Bal
  • RufusTheDog123
    Soul Shriven
    GT RufusTheDog123
  • loop22
    Soul Shriven
    Hello. Could I please get an invite -- many thanks GT: ampersand00
  • bongtokin420insd16
    lol i want to switch platforms just to be a Pheasant Plucker lol great name.
    Purple Gang, New Scrolls Order. DC Brotherhood
    Drago Halflife, Undead kittyblade.
    Bongtokin420insd PS4 NA
  • mattcallanan2016
    Soul Shriven
    Please could I join? MournfulRanger
  • ARI418
    Soul Shriven
    May i join?
  • corena
    Soul Shriven
    invite :)

    gt: nico cu exe
  • FiveDinosaur792
    Still recruiting if you have what it takes to be a pheasant! We do everything and do it better than anyone else! Join us and join the best team on the server!
    FiveDinosaur792 GM of Pheasant Pluckers Guild on EU/Xbox
  • The_Melt
    Soul Shriven
    Invite me GT: MLT
    XB1 GT - MLT
    Isabella Vanitas - Imperial Dragonknight
  • oantihia
    Soul Shriven
    Please invite me

    GT: Oantihia

  • davidtb1982
    Hi can I get an invite please?
  • kreoko
    Soul Shriven
    I like the sound of you guys ^^

    Haven't played in like 2 years, just came back because Elsweyr got me hyped XD
    So I hope you guys are chill with a potato like me.

    GT is Jessiefox
    Kihana Zakar - Khajiit StamPlar | EU Server
    Hatz'k - Argonian Vampire NB | EU Server
    Bregoleth Aulendil - Altmer MagSorc | EU Server
    Vespasia Lepidus - Imperial DK | EU Server
    Uthror - Orc Werewolf NB | EU Server
    Jo'dran Javahir - Khajiit Necromancer | EU Server
  • ExoArchivist
    Soul Shriven
    Just recently joined the game, still learning the ropes. If that's alright I think I'd like an invite. GT: ExoArchivist
    ...the ending of the words is ALMSIVI
    XB1 EU - ExoArchivist
    • Zaidantis - Dunmer - Nightblade - Damage
    • Haj-Glin - Argonian - Templar - Healer
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