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More info on Mimi portals/ mini gates/ mini anchors?

Soul Shriven
So I’m not a noob, but I’ve still got a lot to learn
Right now I’m hanging out in the Rift and a couple of times I’ve seen a mini portal (vertical glowy dimensional tear) open south of skalds retreat wayshine, west of frost moon farm. First 3 trash undead step out. Then when you kill them 2 tougher enemies step out.
This seems similar but different than other zones where a mini anchor opening (horizontal, in the sky) opens and some fresh Daedalus step out, followed by tougher daedra.
I’m guessing it’s the same mechanics for both, just different presentation per zone.

Is there a name for these?
Is there a trigger?
is there a cool down or timer you can count on?
Anyone know of a map of their locations?

I’ve searched online but did t find any ‘direct’ discussions of them.
Anyone know more?
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Best Answer

  • VaranisArano
    Apparently they are "Dark Fissures".

    Use the linked map in that article to find your location and check the marker there to spot others in different zones. For example, there's one in Deshaan right to the side of the gate between Stonefalls and Deshaan.

    If you want to find them more often, you might try Clockwork City's Shadow Fissures. As a smaller zone, you'll have less running around to do.
    Accepted Answer
  • beadabow
    Not sure, but I think they are called "rifts." They are pretty common, and defeating the spawns helps level your fighter's guild skill line.
  • zaria
    Yes, its two waves of enemies, one is undead one is daedra. You can fight them or stay away depending on that you want.
    It help level fighter guild but don't have any special loot other enemies don't have.

    They have set points they tend to spawn as you noticed.
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • briano42
    Soul Shriven
    What I’m hoping for is info to regularly find and activate them. They seem easy xp for my templar, level 32, my second character in the game that im leveling up.
  • Taleof2Cities
    briano42 wrote: »
    What I’m hoping for is info to regularly find and activate them. They seem easy xp for my templar, level 32, my second character in the game that im leveling up.

    If you're looking for easy XP AND looking to level your Fighter's Guild, @briano42, there are better ways to do that than dark fissures.

    The most obvious one is doing dolmens. If you don't like the dolmen hordes in Auridon and Alik'r, then find the other dolmens (in other zones) that are off the beaten path.

    If dolmens don't suit you, there are a couple of daedric-themed public dungeons that work well too:

    Sanguine's Demesne in Shadowfen
    Village of the Lost in Coldharbour (my personal favorite)
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