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Double Dual Wield DK, PVE build help

I've been tinkering with a Dragon Knight on the PTS 5.1.4 and trying out dual wield on both bars. It's more of a pet project to fill out my stabby RP character who wouldn't touch a bow or a giant axe.

So far Double DW looks promising, but I could use some help with ideas for the skill layout and sets.

For now
Bar 1: Nirn dagger / sharpened axe - damage health poison, maelstrom set
Bar 2: Infused dagger w/ poison enchant / infused dagger w/ disease enchant - hundings (for extra crit)

5 PC body - relequen
3 PC jewelry + 2 body - deadly strikes

Rotation -

Front: Bloodthirst, Soul Trap, Venemous Claw, Bloodthirst x 2, Blood Craze

Back: Noxious Breath, Barbed Trap, Deadly Cloak, Flames of Oblivion

I doubt it would work well in trash packs,
Other ideas would be appreciated
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  • DocFrost72
    One thing I would ask would be why not put absorb stam and berserker enchant on infused back bar? If you're not having sustain problems keeping a poison or disease glyph would be better, poison preferably with your DK setup.

    Maelstrom will be a good call up front, and if you can get them it may be worth Master's backbar and slotting twin slashes there. That of course depends on ease of rotation and your preference though.

    Otherwise looks solid, should be hitting good numbers too after pts rework. Have you hit the skelly yet?
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  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    You definitely want to run deadly cloak, it can proc the enchantments from the other bar. Or poisons, if you choose to run those. Which you ought to be, on one bar.
  • Bladerunner1
    Thanks for the ideas.

    It's improving a lot, I swapped out the disease with a berserker enchantment. The odd-numbered 5 second berserker refresh timing doesn't seem to interfere with the even-numbered timing on the poison glyph as badly as I thought it would. The berserker glyph has uptime over 90% and the poison glyph is dealing 2050 dps while upping the poison status damage by roughly another 500.

    I also swapped out the hunding daggers for Master daggers, shifted the barbed trap to the front bar, and moved the rending slashes to the back bar. Rending slashes went up 2400 dps.


    Overall things are hitting 4000 dps higher now, and within 1% of the dps I get with a Master Bow / Maelstrom Dual wield setup. The rotation takes about 10-1/2 seconds to complete and seems faster than what I get with a bow equipped on the back bar.
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