Maarselok monster set

Do you guys have any thought for Maarselok monster set for pvp I was maybe thinking to use with a stam Dk next patch?
(1 item) 1096 Maximum Stamina
(2 item) When you bash an enemy, you spew a cone of corruption, dealing 8000 Disease Damage to enemies. This damage is increased by 5% for each negative effect the enemies have, up to 150% additional damage. This effect can occur once every 7 seconds.
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  • Vermethys
    Bloodspawn remains the set that synergises best with StamDK, in my opinion. You'll lose some sustain and survivability, but gain proc damage -- I think it's going to be like an improved version of Velidreth if you bash weave with S&B. StamDK builds already apply plenty of negative effects (snares, fracture, poisoned, bleeds, several dots)... so, it's probably going to be a strong option, yeah.
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  • Nerftheforums
    I would check the natch potes if I were you, they nerfed the set making the damage a dot.
    However, bs for life on a dk, you can't replace it it's just too good.
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