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False God's Devotion alternative for Vet Maelstrom

What is a good non trial set that works as a decent alternative to False God's Devotion set? I don't really have anyone to run trials with and am looking for an alternative to try and tackle vet maelstrom
  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    what class? but cant go wrong with julianos, mother sorrow and iceheart.
  • msalvia
    Honestly, if it's your first run, I would run 1 tanky set (like Plague Doctor or Fortified Brass) and 1 dps set (like Julianos)--or at least use a tanky monster set like Iceheart (for mag). vMA is way more about doing the mechanics than out-dpsing anything (at least for your first few runs). Running a tankier setup lets you make a few mistakes without wiping, and trust me, you're gonna make mistakes in your first run.

    For my first successful run, I ran the ez petsorc build--Plague Doctor, Julianos, Iceheart. That allows your sorc shield to be massive given your huge health pool. Depending on how skilled you are, you might be able to just melt everything in full dps gear, but typically using a tankier setup is a good idea for the first run.

  • aleksandr_ESO
    Llidoryc wrote: »
    I don't really have anyone to run trials with
    just use craglorn chat for LFG/LFM and you will finish nSS after half hour with your first False God items. You can do 1-3 runs and complete you build (with Loot Notifier or without)
  • jaws343
    If you are looking for the sustain the False Gods provides, you could run with Bright throat. But really, julianos is more than enough. I think my first completion was with Julianos, Willpower Jewelry, and Skoria, with random staves.
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