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A Reckoning with Uwafa (Alik'ir)

I finished the quest, but I still have a sour taste from it. As a leather melee sorcerer.

Basically, throughout the quest you get a caster who autoattacks you with magic projectiles that hit like a truck. So I'm popping Thundering presence and keeping critical surge up with Degeneration and using Evil Hunter.

He summons 3 waves of 3 mob packs of zombies, as soon as you kill the last zombie of the pack he immediately starts attacking you and his HP is reset.

I died to him after I killed the last wave since my health pot had been used and I was completely out of magicka. So I had to rez from dying since I had no healing available after dealing with the last pack as surge wore off and I didn't have mana. I finished him off by himself after rezzing.

So what strategies did non-DK/Templars use? Those two classes have really strong self healing that doesn't cost a ton of magicka so I'm not concerned about them.

I mean, what else could you do to mitigate the vet rank 4 boss's damage as he autoattacked you for a bit with 3 zombies on top of you for a bit before he went immune? Block his magic autoattacks? Because I feel that's the only thing I could have done more of and I'm not sure how much damage that would have mitigated.

But I'm finding as a leather melee sorc that magic using mobs hit me ridiculously hard and I have to have thundering presence up if I don't want to lose huge chunks of my HP to casters. Archers too. As in, casters and archers do way more damage to me than melee mobs, it's crazy.

When doing the protect the brazier part before Uwafa, I had to actually LoS pillars because the waves with 2 archers and 1 melee mob, the archers alone would wipe out half my HP in a few seconds with just autoattacks, not even charged attacks.

I have 49 health points invested and use stamina+health food, so it's not like my character's healthpool is minute. I just take craptons of damage from ranged mobs and it's not from charged up attacks that I consistently block just fine. It's the damn autoattacks doing so much damage to me.
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  • StariSky
    Soul Shriven
    NB here. I used Volcanic Rune and Silver Bolts. Magnum Shot and Siphon Soul. Siphoning strikes up to regen stam/hp's/magicka.
    When he called adds, I ran up the stairs near entrance and just runed them/magnum shotted them into runes and Silver-bolted them.
    Finished off Uwafa the same way.
  • flintstone
    I'm stuck right now on the protect the brazier part before Uwafa..........the mob is ranged and spread out (My quest is VR8 and not VR4) and I'm a sorcerer. I can take a bunch of them down, but not all of them.

    I did do this quest with my Dragonknight at VR4 and finished it. But I got lucky when another player happened along right in the middle of " protect the brazier"

    Uwafa was not a huge problem for my Dragonknight at VR4 level......and of course I haven't fought him yet at VR8 level with my sorcerer because I'm still trying to defend the brazier.
  • winged_tortoise
    It was hard till I just tried my bow.
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  • Partomax
    It was hard till I just tried my bow.

    Did this man just reply to a question from 5 years ago?
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