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Scrambled Skeevatons Recruiting Core Members for vCR +3 progression

Soul Shriven
Greetings all!

Scrambled Skeevatons are looking for 2 tanks to join our vCR+3 runs with GH in mind. We achieved 26 vitality on our first +3 clear (first run with new group).

The tanks we are looking for must have:
- A good range of gear and monster set combinations.
- Knowledge and experience in all variations of +2.
- Knowledge and confidence in portals.
- A positive and non toxic approach to endgame raiding.

We run on Wednesdays, Fridays at 20.00~22.00 CEST (19.00-21.00 BST) and Sundays 21.00~23.00 CEST (20.00-22.00 BST). If you feel you cant commit to all 3, do not hesitate to message me as we can always try to arrange something.

Contact @Rippples in game or Ripples#0838 on discord.
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