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High ping, attack effects and unresponsive characters

I'm an Australian player with a ping of around 300 when in Cyrodiil, up to 500+ when in fights. A common occurrence is the character suddenly not responding to any input at all, which is usually just before being attacked by 1 or more opponents, with death usually occurring within 1-2 seconds of the visual display of attacks starting. In these circumstances, the death recap often shows one player having done 5 different attacks in what seems like 1-2 seconds, or of course multiple players all having had a hit within that one second. I can understand multiple opponents all attacking at the same time resulting in so much incoming data occurring that the game pauses my character while it tries to process it, but I've never understood the same thing occurring with just one opponent.

So I'd like to understand what attacks and/or effects there might in the game that don't necessarily have a visual effect, but which result in a high-ping character being overwhelmed by incoming data, so that the result is it no longer responds to any input. It just stops moving, can't roll dodge, can't use any skills, can't swap bars....

If anyone has any thoughts or insights on what might be occurring behind the scenes that results in this behaviour, i'd be very interested in knowing, and maybe then working on how I can mitigate what's occurring (without needing to move to the US!).
  • Morgul667
    You could try a vpn or software dedicated to increase gaming speed

    I live in asia and it helps me A LOT

    I think lag is the main culprit here, not special attacks
  • AlanTheDragonLord
    Yeh, I already use Mudfish, and 300 is the ping I have after using it, otherwise it'd be around 400 normally with no vpn.

    And I agree that lag's the main culprit, but I'm trying to work out what invisible effects might be inducing the lag. I'm trying to understand which skills and abilities could have this effect, so I can possibly build something that would mitigate their effects on me. An anti-lag build, maybe
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  • Undefwun
    Just gotta resign yourself to the fact that there isn’t much you can do. Just how it is living in Aussie-stan.

    I mainly BG because it’s bit better. But I still suffer from bar swaps not going through, pots not going off and break free taking 2-3 times longer than the pvp streamers I watch.

    I have FTTP and use mud fish. I can get 240 in town but 280-300 is normal in BGs and cyro just gets worse the busier it is.
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  • InvictusApollo
    @AlanTheDragonLord I have just one pice of advice for you. I can't imagine playing a pvp game with 300ms lag. Let me tell you that it is unplayable even with 150ms. 100ms is stillsouble I get in Overwatch. My advice is to simply let it go and play some other game as you won't be really happy even if your ping dropped to half you have right now.
  • NBrookus
    FWIW, this happens to people on this side of the pond, too. Those desyncs and ping spikes are server side.
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