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"The Lords of Twilight" is looking for Friendly Helpful Non-Elitist Vet Trial Players

  • Andrea050290
    Soul Shriven
    Invite please- Andrea050290
  • lunarsyed
    main healer and tank max cp psn syedusman30
  • ChaoticWings3
    Soul Shriven
    I've been interested in doing more vet trials. I main a ward tank cp 558 currently. :)

    PSN: chaoticwings3
  • FenrisWolf1136
    I'm interested. Have a number of dps characters.
    psn - onewiseguy
    Edited by FenrisWolf1136 on March 15, 2019 4:00AM
    PvE werewolf player since day 1. Working towards completing all end game content with a werewolf because it is a valid endgame playstyle. Cp 830+
  • superedgy19xx
    inv please. psn same as name
  • offbymyself
    Soul Shriven
    Question. I'm getting tired of joining guild that cant clear DLC trials. I understand prog runs but there needs to be an actual progression, you know? So, how often are you guys actually clearing DLC trials?
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