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End game guild Trials/Dungeons recruting

Coeur Noir ( Black Heart ) recruting. We do vet DLC trial progression, Dungeons skin run, arena and more.

We are more than 450+ active players, one mouth without log in and you are out.

CP 500+
25k+ DPS
35k- 45k for progression
Active players
  • offbymyself
    Soul Shriven
    I'm sick of 'trials guilds' who can't clear DLC trials. Are you guys just running or clearing? I understand 'prog', but some guilds dont see an actual progression.
  • Evoshizu
    Soul Shriven
    invite me please, I'm looking for a end-game guild for Vet dungeon and trial

    psn: Evoshizu

    thanks a lot

    ps: je parles francais aussi ;)
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