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Totally new and confused on needed build

I am up to level 5-6 now, wondering what skills I should be taking as a Sorcerer , I been putting everything into magicka and morphed a few skills, hoping if i made error it can be undone.

Also what level can i join and make a difference in pvp? thats the primary thing I want to do.

Lastly my personal play-style is wanting to be a glass cannon, I don't mind dying but I want to dish out a ton Damage before I do , is this viable at all?
  • Heady
    If you made an error on morphs they can be undone at shrines which can be found at the faction capitals
  • Heady
    Pvp unlocks at level 10 and yes glass cannon is totally viable
  • Kel
    Any skills you take now can be undone. You'll get a few respec scrolls from leveling rewards, and you can respec at anytime for increased gold cost at shrines, so don't worry too much about skill choices at this time.
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  • StarSphinx
    ty for the fast replies
  • Nestor
    One thing to remember, a lot of guides are written with idea to maximize production to the Nth Degree, which can make sense when your leveling your 8th character. But it can really suck the fun out of the game on your first character worrying about it.

    Here is a better approach:

    The beauty of the game now is each zone drops a Magic Set, a Stamina Set and a Health (Tanky) Set. You can do the content in the zone and get the gear you need with some nice bonuses to help your characters. It drops in at least Green and Blue is common once you get around the 30;s. A lot of times it drops in the Training trait, but you really don't need to have every single item in Training. Just prefer it as a trait, but wear what you get. When you are done in that zone move on to the next and start replacing the gear with the stuff from that zone. You can usually go about 10 levels over the gear before it starts to get noticeable as needing to be replaced. If you get something that is higher level than your wearing, just swap it out as you go along. Again, don't worry about the traits while leveling. The game is buffing you anyway.

    As for leveling crafting, you should do that, but don't be in a hurry to invest all the skill points you need for it. You need those points for combat and defense. Just decon all the loot you have left over after selling to cover any repairs you do. Research Traits on items you think you are going to use. Then do the other traits later on.

    1. Collect all the Skyshards in the zone. Avoid any and all quests other than those that show up in the delves that have skyshards. These quests do not give set items for rewards so no loss there.
    2. Farm the dolmens a few times to get set jewelry that help your character
    3. Do the Public Dungeons including all the bosses and the Group Event
    4. Move to the next zone.

    In doing this, I could fully gear up my character with level appropriate stuff, and it was helpful gear. May not have been the best, but you don't need the best while leveling. Any gear I farmed from Dolmens or PD's is repeatable, so I can get it at CP160 by just repeating. Then, I had all the content quests left for me once I reached CP160 as those can give you sweet Set Drops in good traits you want. And, Quest Experience is huge for gaining CPs once your past CP160. Kind of a waste before that.

    In about 8 zones, I would be fully leveled in Mages, Fighters, Class, 3 Armors and Weapon Skills. Note to get the farthest in the least number of zones for Mages, concentrate on one Alliance for the first 5 zones. Then you only need a few more zones. Now you have only Undaunted to level, although I would get to almost 3 in that from Dungeon Achievements.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • geonsocal
    when you hit level 10, give the daily random battleground matches a try...

    it's the quickest and easiest way to level if you mostly just want to pvp...

    also, you may want to do the main quest (harborage) and mages and fighters guild quests a try - those all provide skill points which will help you fill out your abilities...
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  • Mrsinister2
    What platform are you on I been leveling a new ult I could help ya out or make you some training gear?
  • StarSphinx
    hi Mrsinister , im on the NA server using a PC
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