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CULT OF THE NIGHTMOTHER seeks sassy assassins

We are cult of the nightmother, we are only 2 years old but are as active as day 1, we are looking for CHATTY people who want to make friends, we do a lot of AD sewers and IC and some cyrodiil, we do welcome any alliances though, we have a facebook and discord server where we socialise, plan events and things, we have a balmora trader every week and we are a no mandatory dues guild, we do pve dungeons and trials, we have master crafters, werewolves and vamps, we have a fully equipped guild hall with all mundus, craft tables, some attunables, DPS dummies and a stripper pole, we are LGBT friendly, we use voice chat frequently but we get some people are shy, if you want to join us and have a silly sense of humour, please sent tankytequila a message!

Hail sithis ❤️
  • E7216
    Edited by E7216 on August 13, 2018 4:36PM
  • cmchameleon
    Soul Shriven
    Are you still looking for people? Id love to join psn Frogo1998
  • panda_pancake61613
    Soul Shriven
    If you still have room, I'm interested. PSN: panda_pancake616
    Soul Shriven
    Love to get an invite. PS4 NA: DOCBATSEA
  • trickkyy
    Soul Shriven
    Send a invite PSN: jcuptrick
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