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Summerfall Event 2019


Anyone know if Summerfall event will be back for 2019? Or guess?

  • VaranisArano
    ZOS hasn't announced any new events, but the Imperial City event is up on the PTS, so we can guess that's coming sometime with Scalebreaker.

    As for Summerfall, I'd personally expect it to be an Elsweyr-themed event coinciding with a special sale of the new Chapter, but we'll see.
  • x48rph
    Whatever it is, if they do another, I doubt they will give the same house away again this time since they had it for sale recently in the crown store. People would be too mad if they spent 15000 crowns and then they gave it away again
  • Katahdin
    Probably not.

    That event was promotional to get more people to buy Summerset and as stated, the house has been in the crown store.
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