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New Character Intro

We now have a total of four intros. ESO main, Morrowind, Summerset and the new one I can never seem to remember how to spell without the aid of google. Part one is a simple question: can I pick which chapter I do as an intro if I own all of them and if so how. Part two is an even simpler answer, and likely something ZOS should take note of:

Why the heck not?

This is probably very simple to add into a patch. I own em all. What if I want to begin on Morrowind and do that intro if I own Summerset? The content is still in our game files so just do a selection at the end of character creation. Pretty simple right?
  • redlink1979
    ...the new one I can never seem to remember how to spell without the aid of google.

    Easy to remember as "Elsewhere" B)

    I'm not sure if what you ask will ever happen since the intro image always relates to the latest chapter added.
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  • DaveMoeDee
    Anyone know what happens if someone has Summerset through ESO+ but no Elsweyr, they start a new character and quit while the character is in the Summerset tutorial zone. Then, the next day, their ESO+ expires. Do they just get booted to their alliance start zone? Do they get to finish the tutorial and then get end up in alliance start zone? What if they own Morrowind?
  • KerinKor
    I would presume that if the character logged out in any content that's no longer enabled in its account that it would load back in to their home nation, somewhere .. in this case since the DLC is no longer enabled in the account I can't for a moment believe the character would load back into it simply to complete the tutorial.
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