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DK PVP build help

  • Davadin
    Norivar1 wrote: »
    Davadin wrote: »
    Norivar1 wrote: »
    @Davadin Updated it based on your feedback, reason i went draining shot was for the range stun, but wasn't 100% sold on it.

    Switched out Charging for Spikes and also put Infused on 2 and kept 1 Protection as think ill be a bit to easy to kill if i take that off

    yes keep 1 protection. when ur more comfortable playing around in Cyro NOT getting 1-shotted, u can swap it out to Infused too, or even Bloodthirsty ;)

    the stun is nice, but usually that's for players with bow on their front bar to get away....

    Looking at your 2h/2h build im very tempted by that so i can slot Cleave as seem to be running out of space HAHA Also have a Sprig Sword and Hammer in bag atm so could be done, only issue is how you deal with people out of range of charge?

    1. DK Leap.
    2. Psijic's Race Against Time.
    3. Steed Mundus.

    careful with my 2H/2H build, it's borderline broken lol... but I love it. (even if I die a LOT with it)
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  • Iskiab
    Norivar1 wrote: »
    Iskiab wrote: »
    Norivar1 wrote: »
    @Iskiab did you have a deff set in mind and which set would you switch out?

    Just the monster set for bloodspawn. Sprigans and shacklebreaker is a nice combination.

    I prefer 2h and dw, but there’s nothing wrong with 2h bow.

    I also really like vigor on the front bar, it makes a big difference. Sorcs love to shield stack at low health, and if you’re like me you tunnel vision and fall for the trap and they burst you while you’re trying to execute them.

    Instead dot dot dot and stun them right before they try and shield.

    Only have claw that can move to the other bar without running another 2H on second bar but im guessing its the same for having a dmg spell on the back bar if you are swapping all the time you could get trapped

    Yea, each weapon types best fits a playstyle:

    2h-Bow - set them up from range, crit charge and burst
    2h-dw - lots of dots
    2h-S&B - tankiness with burst

    Pick weapons on how you like to play. If you go S&B you have invasion for a charge/stun which I really like. Invasion - ani cancel - weapon swop heavy attack in the air, bash after the heavy attack.

    I’d say figure out how you like to play and then choose weapons off that.
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