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The Valkyries are recruiting!!

Welcome to the Valkyrie ranks! After a long hiatus the Valkyries are back in Tamriel and rebuilding the ranks of their fallen. We welcome players 18 and older of all levels, focussing on helping all players new and old find their way in the game! We are primarily a social guild with weekly achievement events, raffles, item draws, and partake in both PVE as well as AD PVP. Mic required for communication during organized content. We look forward to having you in the guild!
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  • marktown
    Soul Shriven
    Psn is Marktown

    ESO character is Markle Slapnuts

    39 yr old dad looking for chilled out people to play with. No drama here! Coming back to the game after about a year lay-off. Starting a new dragon knight tank and looking to relearn the game. Would love an invite if you are still recruiting.
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