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Expanding Housing too...

Ok so I am not super into the current build your house system but when I mess around with it and see what can be done with it, well I am blown away at the potential of it all. I mean imagine ZOS makes a few modifications to allow us to buy say monsters, pre-made traps/mechanics and make our own playable dungeon (opens up dungeons to buy). Maybe even allow us to purchase bosses? Make a PVP arena (plus if they actually made group duels the arena idea would be AMAZING)? Maybe even have contests for them and those that are the most creative actually have it put into the game or something similar to it (ok I know I am taking this a little to far, but seriously). I mean it would get a lot of community involvement and hype, it will bring in some really cool community ideas into the game and it would be fun. If they really wanted community input just open the test server up with a premade dungeon kit for a community contest and people have 1.5 months to build something that could be used later down the road. Plus image how many people would play the game just to make their own dungeon. What other game offers that?
Just imagine the possibilities!!!
Sorry if this has already been discussed and I just missed it.
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  • Zypheran
    Indeed the system could offer vastly more potential but as long as item limits remain so punitatively restrictive...
    Still, I like your ideas.
    For other Bethesda games it has always been something of a feature, how much input the community has in terms of modding and development. However, I think it is unlikely that ZOS will allow this degree of input from the community. They will take feedback on-board certainly, but don't seem to want to absorb the creative input of the community.
    EHT is a good example. Here you have an amazing and functional piece of work done by a community member that has grown to be indeed essential! Yet, ZOS don't even acknowledge it, they act like it, or it's talented creator, don't even exist.
    So although I love your idea and think it would be great, I think we're not quite there yet with the developer/community relationship for them to give us this level of creative input.
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  • Dragonnord
    With 700 slots? Not possible unless the dungeon decoration looks empty and mediocre (and we don't want that if we are going to create such a nice interactive content).

    So first step would be ZOS increasing the furniture cap.
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  • Watchdog
    Dragonnord wrote: »
    With 700 slots? Not possible unless the dungeon decoration looks empty and mediocre (and we don't want that if we are going to create such a nice interactive content).

    So first step would be ZOS increasing the furniture cap.

    It is a matter of performance. Blame the lowest common denominator.

    In other words - blame the consoles.
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  • Eirinin
    In EQ 2 players could design dungeons and open them to the public. It was a lot of fun, gave old timers a sink for time and $, and increased dungeon variety.
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