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Do you think Ice Staves will remain a tanking weapon?

I understand that there is a strong divide in the community between having ice staves as a tanking weapon or whether it should be an alternative to use instead of inferno staves since it was updated when Morrowind came out. My magcro and magden both use frost staves, but have to avoid tri-focus to prevent them from taunting the enemy and inferno staves just don't feel right on magden in my opinion. There have been some ideas floating around, such as tanks getting an alteration staff and so forth. Personally I would like to see more frost-based dps sets and monster helms in the future and frost is just too weak of an element in the game as it is right now.

Do you think Ice Staves will remain a tanking weapon? 41 votes

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  • VaranisArano
    As long as we don't get a new magicka weapon for tanking, yes, Ice Staffs will continue to fill that niche.
  • colossalvoids
    Pretty sure at one point they may allow both gameplay options but frost being slow/root and more pvp oriented component is dominant and I believe will stay there.
  • Froil
    Chances are very likely they will.
    That being said, I'm in favor of a magicka tanking weapon, but still vehemently stand by the Illusion staff, not Alteration, for the true magicka tanking weapon.
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  • msalvia
    Frost staves being the tank weapon gives tanks an identity--for stam they use SnB, for magic they use frost staves. Given that both lightning (aoe) and fire (single target) are the dps magic weapons, I'm not sure how they would re-tool frost anyway. You're basically gimping your dps by choosing frost.

    Now if they were to make a new type of staff--say, alteration magic--and made destro staves all uniquely dps weapons, that'd be cool. But I don't see that happening any time soon.
  • _Ahala_
    I hope not... it’s a completely dps centric weapon except for like two passives... a new mag tanking weapon would be much better as it would suite both mag tanks who want a full tanking weapon with a tanking ult, tanking abilities, and tanking passives and mag dps who actually want to play offensive cryomancers like in previous elder scrolls titles and almost every fantasy game out there
  • ESO_Nightingale
    Unfortunately i think that it will. At least for now. They've given us no evidence to suggest that they may be changing it anytime soon. But the only chance it may actually happen is if we got an alteration staff.
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  • ccfeeling
    Ice staff does lowest damage, there is no reason dps or healer use it :D
  • No_Division
    Yes because in PvP it allows block passives while giving mag users access to backbar ele drain.

    It's more versatile than one would think.
  • Joosef_Kivikilpi
    Legitimately, how to change Frost staves to be both viable for tanking and DPS. Remove Heavy attack Frost taunt, include 3000 spell/physical penetration debuff or self buff while having it equipped or something like that ( so around a 5% damage increase to both single and aoe damage, a balance between lightning and inferno buffs) and vuola- weapon viable for both roles with since uniqueness to it as a staff.
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