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Have ducks been abducted by Sheogorath?

I have now for a long time been searching for living ducks in any part of eso, but only found the dead ones in hunter huts. So, a theory came around and wanted to see if it made sense.

Sheogorath has taken all the living ducks into one of his realms. Or alternatively he has turned all ducks into other critters. Since he will be changing into his true form in the relatively near future (in game at least) it will explain why they can also be found in later era's.

Does this sound in order?

The duck awareness guy.
  • Ajaxandriel
    We haven't seen all the fauna of each region. These critters are just hidden in the bush and remote pools.


    3 different bird models seen in Auridon, yet 17 species of song birds in lore...
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    Azothos Sadras - elfe noir sorcier 50
    Dorguldun gro-Arash - orque sorcier 50
    Hjarnar - nordique sorcier 50
    Jendaya al-Gilane - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50
    Sabbathnazar Ullikummi - elfe noir chevalier-dragon 50
    Tahajmi - khajiit sorcière 50
    Zadzadak - gobelin nécromancien 50
    Zandoga - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50

  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    Opalblade wrote: »
    Don't you mean, abduckted?

    Sorry. I'll leave now.

    Oh, Mallard! Don't just waddle in here with such seducktive words. One might fowl under your spell.
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  • CMDR_Un1k0rn
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  • Veinblood1965
    You have to check in the morning, they only come out at the quack of dawn.
  • albesca
    So you'd want to find some waterfowl around Tamriel? Then I'm afraid you're out of duck
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  • Veinblood1965
    albesca wrote: »
    So you'd want to find some waterfowl around Tamriel? Then I'm afraid you're out of duck

    That's not funny at all, you quackhead!
  • zaria
    Well there was a big party last weekend. Many Khajiit to cater for …

    The duck shortage is probably only temporary. There should be a new harvest on the duck trees during the next growing season.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws
    This one has an duck in the pond by her house. Might hide it so Santie don't eat it :)

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