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Why are high elves / Altmer taller?

Why is it that they are so tall / taller than other elves?
  • UPrime
    Probably for the same reasons nords are too. And why Bosmer are so short. Genetics and story reasons
  • LeHarrt91
    Because they like to look down on others.
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Deliberate selective breeding. Any high elf offspring who don't measure up are declared hulkynd and abandoned. All part of the path to Alaxon.
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  • Benzux
    Being tall is a "racial feat" of the Altmer, always has been. Just like how the Bosmer are shorter than most other mortal races, with a few Khajiit subraces coming close to their height.
    And as was pointed out above, the Altmer are obsessed with their heritage, to the point where parents will arrange marriages for their children so they might produce the best possible offspring (while also gaining political/monetary value out of said marriage, of course).
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  • Nemesis7884
    UPrime wrote: »
    Probably for the same reasons nords are too. And why Bosmer are so short. Genetics and story reasons

    thats a poor explanations

    nords height can be explained by bergman's rule
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