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PC-NA LF Friends for Achievement Runs

Soul Shriven
LF mature friends to do 4-man vet dungeons with. I play late Eastern time zone and prefer healing. Contact in-game @Skyegriffon. Looking forward to grouping :)
  • magictucktuck
    If you are still looking Ive started a new guild "MostWanted", mainly for that purpose. Achievement runs with friends for DLC HM type stuff. But we are BRAND NEW there is only a few of us so far. Eventually when we get enough people we will probably start trials as well. So if you are willing to suffer the early guild blues you're welcome to join us. I'm always happy to run just about anything assuming I have the time.



    Flawless Conqueror
  • kimaeril
    I'm PC NA and I'm on the East Coast. I've been working on HM achievement runs and have been in trial progression groups. I'm on most nights from 8:30 PM EST to about 10:30 PM EST and on Saturday nights I'm usually on from 9 PM EST until 2 AM sometimes until 3 AM depending on what I'm doing. I'm a dps. I also use Discord. I do have a guild spot open that's collecting dust. If you still need people for the guild or to run with I'm @kimaeril in game.
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