More walls and platforms for other race's

We currently have murkmire elswyer Alinor walls platforms and walls but none for dunmer bosmer imperial breton orcs or redguard homes.
They are extreamly useful for creating rooms out of big open ones yet if you wish to on a dunmer for example the closest you can get is murkmire (which is bad enought using Argoian filth in my home XD ) but it doesnt mach at all.
  • Legate_Lanius
    TES VI Hammerfell or nothing.
    A good expansion/chapter on Hammerfell would be great too. I love sand.
  • Earrindo
    I would also like to see more building elements.
    Maybe some hlaalu and vivec building pieces? Archways, walls, bridges, maybe even some standalone structures.
    Obviously scale isn't an issue, as that Elsweyr bridge is massive. Instead of bridges though, it'd be nice to see some full buildings of various sizes and complexities.
    Not tents, not pergolas, but structures.
    The greenhouse and barn buildings in summerset, the stables and outbuildings from Vvardenfell, the full gazebo/open structures in lilmoth etc.

    But pieces as well, for custom structures.
    Ooh! The open tree buildings in valenwood, I'd kill for a few of those and some bosmer tree bridges as well!
  • heaven13
    I'd love more building materials, in all racial styles. And yes to the structures that Earrindo mentions.

    Something else I would really love to see, but is definitely just wishful thinking on my part is the ability to purchase an empty plot of land (like Coldharbour Surreal Estate) but then you can also pick a large housing structure from existing models to place on it. I've always loved the Strident Springs Demesne but really do not care for Reaper's March brown. It can be spruced up some with vegetation, but it's not the same as having it somewhere else entirely.
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