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PC/NA LF 2 DPS\1 Tank 1 DPS for skin runs

Soul Shriven
I am able to fulfill the role of tank or stam dps (40k+) and my partner the role of healer.

We are Aussie's that regularly play in the hours of 5pm - 10pm AEST (3am - 8am EST) and more on most weekends.

We have cleared vCoS and vDom skin runs and now are chasing vFL, vSCP and vRoM plus more.

Hmu in-game or here @brodie95
  • magictucktuck
    Hey @magictucktuck during the week our time is a little off I get on about 8pm est but weekends I'm on a lot also. Dps 43kish. I've started a new guild for getting hm and achivements for dlc but there is only a few of us so far with varying times. you're welcome to add me or join the guild.


    Flawless Conqueror
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