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Co-Op Quest Stage Issues

G'day and hello 'ello.

My partner and I have just recently started playing ESO on the PC and have noticed an issue with the quests we are doing together. Even though we are in a group, have readied up, shared the quests, same alliance and started them together we can't seem to be able to remain at the same stage.

For example, a quest requiring us to close two portals, one would think we could just close one portal each and then move on to the next step together, but it seems that we both have to do the quest objectives individually, resulting in the un-synchronised quest. So, I might move faster and then have to wait around for her to catch up before moving on. From memory, I think this wasn't the case on Xbox One, though I might just be remembering that wrong.

Is this a game design or are we doing it wrong?
  • desndb
    There are some quests like this...
    Hubby and I have the same complaint when we encounter them.

    Pretty sure these quests just weren't thought through for grouping purposes.
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