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Hope For The Vestige Older Player Guild

Hope For the Vestige is a newly formed casual older player guild, we don't want to grow to a big guild size but to keep low numbers and create that friendly environment, so far we are 4 older player strong and taking our time with things. We are reaching out to those older players out there, A few points that summarise what we are trying to create within our community.
We want to create a social and friendly atmosphere where you feel that you log on to the game to meet your friends(or get to know a new friend).

• For new players who would appreciate a little help.

• For the more experienced player who would appreciate a comrade in arms now and again.

• For players who just want to be left alone to enjoy the game. But also want to be part of a friendly community

• For the older player who doesn't want the politics or hassle of an ordinary guild.

• no pressure, keep it casual, no need to log on every day.

• Ideally we would like age to be 35+

• This is an extraordinary guild 😀

If this guild feels like something you would be interested in being part of, then please reach out to us. We have a great little community going now and theres a few spots left before we cap recruitment off so everyone can settle.

Altii, Jharym, Laethoria
  • Idefixen
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds like the perfect guild for me
    My Name is Karsten im 49 years old just started ESO again, last logon in 2014 ;o)
  • Altii
    Hi Karsten what's your in game name so we can get you in
  • bwehbe
    Soul Shriven
    Hello guys,
    your description sounds really good. I only started playing ESO since 2 weeks and don't really have any friends who play it. I have played Skyrim before though. I am a casual player, I play mostly on weekends, but still looking for a friendly group of people to play with fom time to time. So if your offer still holds, I would appreciate it if you would invite me. My game ID is Archibaldmeatpants_8.
    p.s. I am only 31 yo, if that's not an issue.
  • Altii
    Hi bwehbe

    I'd like to thank you for getting touch but unfortunately there is no movement on the min age but wish you all the best in your search and enjoy the game

    Good luck
    Edited by Altii on March 26, 2019 10:04PM
  • Idefixen
    Soul Shriven
    Like a true newbie, i left guild by a mistake. clicked x, ups
    Could you please send an invite again.
    Thx Karsten
  • Grey_Kaye
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, Hope for the Vestige sounds like just the guild I have been looking for.

    I started playing computer games with Adventure on a PDP/11 so I think I definitely meet your age threshold! I have been playing ESO for about a year and have completed the main quest but have got to the point where, as you say, would appreciate some comrades-in-arms especially for group delves, world bosses, and so-on.

    I try to be a good, co-operative in-game citizen and have made a few friends on-line but have found that most of the guilds I have looked at have way too strict participation or trading requirements for me. By contrast your description of a casual friendly community of older players who want to take their time sounds perfect.

    I hope you think I would be a good fit and still have some vacancies.

    @Grey_Kaye on the EU server.
  • Muirwen
    Very new to this game (2 weeks), and ticking most of the boxes you mentioned in your posting :smiley:

    My name is Eric, 50+ years old (so definitely an older player), played Skyrim in the past and lots of WoW, but was looking for something new and joined ESO. My in-game character's name is Roxelena. Hope to hear from you!

  • carl.j.barkerb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    This sounds like somewhere I can enjoy. 50+ Returning player just plodding along leveling for right now. Typical older Gent, calm respectful slow and forgetful.

    If you have room I'd appreciate an invite.


  • anthonyc76
    Soul Shriven
    This sounds like just my sort of guild. I am a 40+ year old player returning to an MMO having been away for quite a while, having loved Everquest and Everquest 2 back in the day. Looking for a casual friendly guild to enjoy my journey with.

    My Characters name is Adamar Rathal - a High Elf Templar, currently level 19.
  • hilmio
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there,

    If your still recruiting I'd like to join, I'm 57 and a Londoner, I'm at level 39 and been here about a month but miss the banter from a guild, I used to play Ultima Online and even ran a shard for a few years, those were good days and made some really good friends and some awesome adventures.
    I'm playing a Khajiit Templar and having great fun with it, I'm on most nights for a few hours, and some extra hours at the weekend, real life permitting.
    In game name is [email protected] hope to hear from you soon.
  • Working925
    62 yr old man with cp810 characters
  • Eldartar
    Hi there, sounds like my cup of tea :) ..... 59yr old playing since Beta. in game name @Eldartar ....If you are still recruiting would love an invite Guys :)
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