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New player looking for guild

Hi all,
Just started playing XBox and have just purchased ESO I am looking to join a guild to play online with. I don't want a huge guild that has tons of members not talking to each other or helping out.

Would prefer a nice small tight guild where everyone lends a hand where they can.

I have played online games for years and run guilds in WOW so I know what a good guild should be.

Not looking for a free ride as stated I have only just started leveling up on ESO and am happy to progress on my own but it is always nicer with others.

I like to see all the game has to offer hence why I am in no hurry to be powerleveled up. I love the crafting system in ESO and want to make this a big focus on my game play.

Hit me up anytime my GT is Belly2504
  • Hellkaptain
    Hey did you have any luck? If not my gt is Hellkaptain message me on xbox.
  • AlasseaNellas
    Soul Shriven
    I'm always in for playing together.
    Don't know if you can join the guild I am in. Because it is female only. Don't know what you are.
    But playing together is always fun. Currently i am a level 31 DK. Playing magicka with destruction staff. A little bit with my healing staff.
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