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Official Discussion Thread for "Elsweyr is here! Read a Letter From ESO's Creative Director"

This is the official discussion thread for the "Elsweyr is here! Read a Letter From ESO's Creative Director" blog article.

Read a letter from ZeniMax Online Studio’s Creative Director Rich Lambert to the ESO community.
Staff Post
  • Ilsabet
    That is one bangin' tattoo. Dude is not taking this thing lightly. :D
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  • SirAxen
    Congrats! New content has been a blast.
  • Hippie4927
    I've enjoyed all the chapters but I think this one is, by far, the best. Thank you for the great time I've been having.

    Can't wait to see that tattoo finished, @ZOS_RichLambert
    PC/NA/EP ✌️
  • Loralai_907
    This chapter has surprised me by quickly becoming my favorite extra content yet. I wasn't quite expecting that. But you guys knocked it out of the park. I can't tell you how much I loved pretty much all of the quests. And I can't wait to talk about the ones I loved the most and why, once its not so much of a spoiler to do so. Thanks for all of your hard work!
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  • LiraTaurwen
    Yea sadly the truth is you should not be all that happy really. Game is fun and so is the expansion ..when it works :(
  • maboleth
    Guys, you have outdone yourselves!

    One of my first things I've noticed was how "vertical" the whole area/zone is. There wasn't just a few moments where I wished I could fly or tame a dragon for a lift. :) Like dragons themselves, it's beautiful and breathtaking. I'm so glad it's possible in ESO to have those deep canyons, high mountains and rifts and still be able to spot tiny details down below.

    And some said Elsweyr felt like unique Elder Scrolls zone. I very much agree. It's full of mystery, loneliness, adventure and remote areas high up in the hills with tiny bridges.

    Bravo team! @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_RichLambert
    Edited by maboleth on June 5, 2019 1:27AM
  • Darkonflare15
    Yea sadly the truth is you should not be all that happy really. Game is fun and so is the expansion ..when it works :(

    And this is not experienced by everyone.
  • Minyassa
    Whoa, that is a *NICE* tat design. And that's gonna hurt, all on top of a bone like that! xD
  • KerinKor
    I see this expansion as fan-pandering at its worst, the lore-breaks with regards to dragons and necromancers are fatuous and clearly have been implemented for the $$$ it'll rake in.

    Necromancers are still a 'thing' in this timeline I accept, but they're shunned by most, hunted by many and are FEW IN NUMBER .. seeing literally SCORES of them running around the world is simply farcical and flies in the face of the establish TES lore.

    Dragons simply have no place.
  • Dar'Norok
    By far this expansion has been the best one yet! Completely blew out morrowind and summerset in my humble opinion.. I love the unique geographical design of the zone, the architecture of the cities and the quests/voice acting were captivating. The research that went into this must have been immense. I know some people worry about the inconsistencies of the established lore but remember.. dragon break XDD? On a serious note while lore is very important, it cannot become too limiting and i think in this case at least I do feel that the developers have struck a fine balance.

    What I've written is probably considered one-sided. However, Elsweyr has always been THE province I wanted to explore and so my expectations were high. And I was not dissapointed. While there are some things regarding the lore that I thought would be portrayed differently (e.g senche-raht was meant to be as tall as 2 altmers!XD). However, I quite like ESO portrayal as it has made things interesting and it shows the exaggeration/inaccuracies in the in-game written books, as often was the case in real life when obscure regions are first visited.

    All in all.. I can't wait for Pellitine! Hopefully there will be actual Tojay, Suthay and Ohmes npcs!
    Edited by Dar'Norok on July 4, 2019 8:28AM
  • Skorro
    Chapter is Hella fun and the tat looks great so far! But please give the basic performance some love too :)
  • pattyLtd
    Tattoo is cool and Elsewyr is too bbut ...... such a waste that half the time all the pretty creatures dont become visible before they are deceased :'(

    I love ESO i really do but performance on PS4 is truelly very very bad right now, please give it some attention..... we wanna play and have fun not frustration. o:)
    English is not my native language, no grammar police please, tyvm
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