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Looking for a Guild

Soul Shriven

I have returned to the game from a long break, although never really played much previously.
I’ve hit level 50 and currently at CP80, progressing through the Coldharbour Questline.
My character is a Templar Healer (AD).I have huge experience in healing in other MMO’s and I am looking for a guild to join that I can fit in to.
I am an adult gamer with a family, as such want to make my time online count. I need more skill points, which I am collecting as I go.
Would like to find a home that I can do instances with and progressing through the Veteran Dungeons and maybe even a raid or two thrown in for good measure.
I do PvP a little, but in honesty I’m not great at it, but happy to learn!!

If any Guild out there that is interested in having an extra healer in the ranks, please drop me message:
PSN: Remedy75
Char Name:

Thanks in advance!
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