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Looking for focused and mature guild on Xbox EU

Soul Shriven
Hello, just started a few days ago but i played WoW from Vanilla up to Legion at Top Tier Hardcore level both in PvE/PvP so it would be nice to find a focused and competitive guild to be able to join. Im trying out StamDK, StamNecro and StamNB i like both DPS and Healing.
I play 6+ hours everyday. Looking for a friendly but mature environment as well. I'm not too fond of screaming teens :wink:
English, Italian or Portuguese speaking is fine for me.

My Xbox GT is EvilNaxxy. If you need any extra info just hit me up :wink:

Cheers :smile:
Made of Pure Win!
  • belly2504
    The guild I am in is pretty wicked I'll add your GT and shoot you a message when I jump online. If you want to add me my Gamertag is Belly2504
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