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The Indoril Grand Psijic Museum of Tamrielic Curios and Heritage

After too much delaying, the time has finally come to unveil The Indoril Grand Psijic Museum of Tamrielic Curios and Heritage, or simply just the Grand Psijic Museum. At the risk of sounding like a boast, this is probably the most comprehensive, unique and interesting home I have made to this date. For those of you who like backstories, I will share what led me to making this home, for those of you who don't like to read but would rather watch, there's the YouTube video showcase embedded below, a 3D panorama view of the central chamber, as well as a plethora of screenshots with details from every exhibition in the museum.
Now, for those of you who stuck with me to the backstory, I am a person who really loves going to museums. Particularly natural history and cultural heritage museums, and I've visited at least a fair share of them in my time, at least the ones situated in my part of the world (Scandinavia). One of the charms about the Elder Scrolls universe is the various cultures, with obvious real life counterparts, as well as the enormous history and timeline for the various races and cultures. In ESO we get the chance to play or interact with every one of them since the base game itself, and especially with the DLCs and expansions that came after. I myself joined the game shortly after Orsinium was out, and have thus been following all the DLC and Chapter expansions in Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, Gold Coast, Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, Summerset and Murkmire. Since each expansion also provides an abundance of craftable furnishings, achievement furnishings and furnishing packs, as well as the continuing luxury vendor items, I've wanted to show off all of these in an appropriate setting for a good while now. With the release of the Psijic Villa, the perfect opportunity came, with the vast central hall, the various balconies and side rooms, and (almost) plenty of enough space to really make an interesting showcase. I've tried to make it appear as much as a museum as possible, with the items available to us.
So, this is also sort of a celebration of Tamriel, the Elder Scrolls and the ESO game from the beginning and up until the release of Murkmire, with each new DLC of the game finding their own exhibition in the museum.
There are pedestals full of items, glass cabinets and display cases filled with exotic curiosities, there are various fossils and remains of extinct animals and beasts, and of course a variety of cultural objects from the so-called "primitive" cultures, at least from the standpoint of a cultured House Indoril member. This house has been so much fun to make, trying to find some use for almost every achievement furnishing that I could possibly justify putting there, as well as making each exhibition show off the items in the most interesting way possible.
I've already gotten a lot of visitors to the museum, and I must say the feedback and response has been amazing. So, I hope you will find this showcase just as interesting. This is truly one of those homes that must be experienced live instead, there are so many details, so many items to show off, and if I were to try and fit them all into pictures and video, this post would already be twice as long as it is. If you're on PC-EU, you're always welcome to stop by, if you're not, well at least you can see some of it in this post.
This museum is now full, and I have no space left for more exhibitions. Fortunately, Elsweyr gave us a new 700 item home, which seems perfect to turn into my museum part 2, focusing on the expansions and DLC from Elsweyr and forward. Thus, expect another showcase of future content in a couple years from now, if I'm still around!
I'm going to tag @ZOS_SarahHecker in case anyone from staff would find interest in this.
Since there are a lot of screenshots to view, I've hidden them thematically behind spoiler tags, just click it to expand.

3D panorama view of the central chamber made by @JXRaiv

Dragon Alley, Skyrim and Ancient Nords

Ra'Gada and Yokuda Alley

Argonian and Black Marsh Collection

Dwemer Machinery and Curiosities

Orsinium Balcony

Ancient Summerset and Arcane Artifacts

Ashlanders and Vvardenfell natural history

Dark Brotherhood Regalia

Threats from the Sea - Pyandonea and the Sloads of Thras

Ruined Cyrodiil, Imperial City and the Order of the Hour Regalia

High Rock Heritage

Reachmen Remains and Craglorn Serpent Worship

Valenwood Collection

Outside flora and decorations
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  • SirMewser
    I'm working on something similar, but a compilation of the different daedric princes, replicating their realm's atmosphere...

    Beautiful work. :)
  • Carbonised
    SirMewser wrote: »
    I'm working on something similar, but a compilation of the different daedric princes, replicating their realm's atmosphere...

    Beautiful work. :)

    Thank you =) A Daedric collection would be an interesting concept as well. I deliberately excluded the Daedras from this museum collection (except in the few cases where Daedric princes are worshiped in a whole culture, such as Malacath for the Orcs and Azura for the Ashlanders), to stay with the theme of a historical museum. But with all the great Daedric statues and other furnishings we have by now, I'm sure that concept will be interesting to do as well =)
  • Carbonised
    One frustrating (or interesting) part of this museum, is that I just keep tinkering with it, adding a few items here and there, or changing a few things around.

    I figured a Black March collection wouldn't be complete without a replica Hist tree as well. Only a replica, since I assume a real Hist would take offense at being exhibited like this. Also, Here's hoping we finally get those glowing Hist flowers on the luxury vendor, so I can hang a few on this tree.

    And finally, I added the Summerset banners in the Sumerset room, I figured they look nice enough on the walls.


  • prof-dracko
    I'm doing a museum in the same house on the same server with most of the same display organisations. Which begs the question: Who copied who?

    I kid, and I'm pretty sure we visited each other's homes last year sometime. It would seem like you have a bit more disposable income than me, those luxury and achievement furnishings are a pain to collect. I was also thinking about expanding into the Lunar Champion hall once all of the wings unlocked, I'm already at 630/700 in the Villa.

    Can I ask what items you used for the Bretons? They're kind of lacking in representation outside of woodwork furniture.
  • Carbonised
    Yeah we kind of had the same idea. I recall your execution of it was a little different though, so they're probably not too similar ;)

    Well I wouldn't even want to know how much a house like this costs. What with a huge amount of luxury and achievement items, some costing 100k and 150k each, plus of course a ton of rare recipes that also cost a fortune. But housing is the endgame for me, so it's worth spending a pretty dime on it.

    Bretons don't really have many items suited for a museum, since they're not as primitive or exotic as, say, Argonians or Bosmer, or have a glorious past with rich culture like the Redguards and Nords. Eventually if we get some Breton DLCs I might expand the small collection, like I did with the Khajiit, once we got Elsweyr.
    For now, it's mostly statues and trophies. Glenumbra has a lot of werewolf content, and Rivenspire is associated with vampires and all things gothic, so the trophies of werewolves, gargoyles and vampires suited this collection. There's also the Silver Dawn banner, some Breton tapestries, the Breton throne, the Breton ruined knight statue, as well as the small monk statue in a display case. What you can't see on the picture is a large grave sentry statue from the Glenumbra graveyard, as well as the gargoyle statue. There's also the luxury statue from Honor's Rest, which resembles an orc and a Breton, as well as a few pots and vases in Breton style. Oh, and the large lion medallion and some lamps. It's a nice little collection I think, though it may expand depending on future DLC.
  • Zypheran
    I really like the idea of turning Psijic Villa into a museum. I think this one of the best uses for it.
    All my housing builds are available on YouTube
    I am available for hire for custom house builds, just PM me.
  • prof-dracko
    It is all statues and tapestries, isn't it. Unfortunately all my Werewolf and Gargoyle stuff goes in the Natural History wing and the Vampire stuff is in the Daedric Room...
  • Carbonised
    Zypheran wrote: »
    I really like the idea of turning Psijic Villa into a museum. I think this one of the best uses for it.

    That was my thought exactly as well. The house is much too large to make a "real" home out of it with the small 700 item limit and so many large rooms. Plus the layout is all wrong for a house, since it's a copy of the Alinor palace. But the large rooms with open space and high ceiling is perfect for a museum, so there we go.

    Also, I already had a small museum collection at my Ebonheart castle, but I wanted to move it out and make room for something else, so I'm really happy with how it expanded vastly and turned out in the end. I also think the second museum at the Moon's champion hall will look great, once we get a few more DLCs to fill it out with.
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