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Why No Wamasu Mount?

Why don’t we have one yet? It’s already in game and has a running animation. Just slap a saddle on him and let us have one.
  • Sathukai
    Never thought of that, but that would be cool.
  • Atallanta
    I hoped to get it with Murkmire.. would be so cool for my arginian.
  • Vuldovahkriid
    A durzog mount would be cool too.
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  • Nestor
    It would have to be a wamasu puppy or it might not fit through some of the arches and such we can run through.
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  • Radiance
    I want a Cow mount. Just a regular ol' white and brown spotted cow you can find around any farm area. Idk why but I love cows, They're cute. Do it.
  • Megatto
    Hell nah! I want a Mantikora mount
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  • gimpdrb14_ESO
    iv been wanting one of these since I saw them the 1st time
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    A small Wamasu and Thunderbug mount! :D
    [Lie] Of course! I don't even worship Daedra!
  • Forvet
    I want an Echallette mount. It's already proven they CAN be mounts, and they are capable of being pets.
  • Elsonso
    If you were a wamasu, would you want some goof ball pretending to be a hero riding around on you? :smile:

  • Kiyakotari
    A durzog mount would be cool too.

    Or a Durzog pet. I would love to have my Argonian riding a Wamasu with a Durzog running along beside!
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  • Highlor3
    Echatere mount! (same size as the senche-raht, with tweaked animations)
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  • WeerW3ir
    Wamasu mount. i approve :smiley:
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  • Michae
    Orc mount is the way to go. We got Khajiit mount recently so I don't see why not.
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  • GChaseXmas
    Wamasu (or giant lizard), echatere, durzog and a smaller Mammoth (obviously bigger than pocket mammoth but smaller than the regular mammoths) would all be cool mounts to see in the future. I’ve also read folks looking to see flightless gryphons as mounts since Summerset but I’m not sure if that one is as likely or feasible as the ones I listed earlier. Either way I think these ideas are pretty awesome.
  • GChaseXmas
    Kiyakotari wrote: »
    A durzog mount would be cool too.

    Or a Durzog pet. I would love to have my Argonian riding a Wamasu with a Durzog running along beside!

    A durzog pet would be a nice addition!
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