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Battle for Riverhold - Elsewyr Main Story quest -spoiler

Anyone done this? Part 3 where you shoot dragon with a ballista? Is it an instance? I can barely hurt that dragon
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  • mmriftb14_ESO
    Same, I think maybe I'm missing something but it basically one or two shots me, can't hurt it.
  • mmriftb14_ESO
    so.. reading through it, he's a big damage sponge that can 1 or 2 shot you. You have to run around in circles and keep healing and when he kills you, once you're out of soul gems, he goes back to full health when you die and respawn at the entrance. Also, no help from the Khajit who claim they're going to stand and fight the dragon.

    In short, crappy design for a main quest. no one thought this was a dumb idea in beta?
  • Wolfhound665
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah, I'm stuck on this quest and I've quit playing my necro because of it. The ballista striped him down to a sliver of health so I thought it was possible if I use my staff and ranged attaxks. He just teleports me into his ring of red and I die.

    I decided to use my champion points but haven't tried since.
  • LadySinflower
    I would say, maybe come back to this quest at a higher level? I just fought this dragon on my CP550-ish magblade. He killed me once but I was able to kill him after that. All I did was make sure I was in third person view so I could see the red circles... Spammed the hell out of swallow soul and my other HoT. Kept myself moving and immediately backed out of range when he pulled me in with his chains. Because of my level and maybe my gear, his fus-ro-dah did not kill me; it just knocked me back. It helps to throw up your shields when you hear him say "fus." It won't block it entirely but it does help. I hit him repeatedly with merciless resolve and swallow soul and the one where you slam down your staff... Elemental something. I know this isn't great for details but what I'm trying to elaborate is that I think my level helped me to beat him because my fighting tactics were nothing special. I'm not saying you have to be mid-CP level but maybe at least get to 50 before trying again?

    Edit: the ballista isn't there to kill him with. It's only to hurt him enough to keep him from flying away, forcing him to engage you.
    Edited by LadySinflower on June 9, 2019 6:08PM
  • davidtb1982
    Anyone on EU server want to group up and take it down?

    GT davidtb1982
  • JadonSky
    hmm I didn't have any issues with him. I hit him with the ballista, he fell off the roof and was down to like 10-15% health (350k) and I killed him in like 2 seconds like any other quest boss. This was on PC NA during the early access, so maybe a bug was introduced at launch or during the last patch.
  • Temoorzul
    This is a solo quest but I asked a friend to group up with me and the dragon died pretty easy however the triggers for the quest advancement was slow probably because of group. I just relogged while my friend stayed in instance worked fine. Don't delete your quest because you have to start back to Abnur Tharn. The mechanics were not broken in the beta. I just read somewhere if you can't kill the dragon ask a friend to group up with ya. Good Luck and btw a lot of people are having the same issue but then some are not all! My issue was the dragon would not die at 1%

    Edited by Temoorzul on June 20, 2019 1:34PM
  • marcobecerra817ub17_ESO
    I beat the dragon when I was at level 15 maybe? It took me three tries. I had Potions in quick for health, stamina, and magick, I had to keep running around in circles and roll dodging. Make sure you can see the red rings, but as long as I moving in circles around him, it went really easily.
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