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Copying update file

Does anyone know why on the PS4 it takes almost 30 minutes just to “copy” the update file. Not to sound ignorant but isn’t that just installing after the download? Am I crazy to think that a download shouldn’t take 8 hours and an install shouldn’t take 30 minutes?
  • sdtlc
    Ask Sony? How big was the file, maybe the harddrive is failing?
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  • UROnMyLstNrv
    Brand new hard drive. Upgraded from 500gb to 1tb and it’s always been like this. It’s the 1.5gb update that dropped last night. It only took a few minutes to download but the copying is ridiculous. The big updates like DLCs and chapters take hours - have to start them before work. That I know is Sony because they throttle download speeds over WiFi. I’m just so perplexed. I will reach out to them directly thanks for the suggestion.
    Edited by UROnMyLstNrv on June 19, 2019 12:30PM
  • mague
    A drive only can read or write at the same time. Thats why it takes forever on large files.
  • UROnMyLstNrv
    Going an hour to copy 1.96gb that’s insane. I just wanted to kill some dragons before work. Heading over to talk to Sony.
    Edited by UROnMyLstNrv on June 19, 2019 12:38PM
  • VenDetta0910
    So the way it works (thank sony for this one chaps) is when it is "copying" its literally rewriting the game on the disk drive removing old files/code etc and replacing them as it rewrites to the drive. This is why it takes so long particularly on Mechanical HDD's. My only suggestions to you lads, get a SSD or SSHD, "copying" only takes minutes tops, often less than 10 minutes rarely more than, games generally also finish and install immediately. Load times are hugely faster among other benefits. Hope this helps, cheers.
    Edited by VenDetta0910 on June 19, 2019 3:31PM
  • UROnMyLstNrv
    That makes sense just didn’t get the process. Thanks for the response.
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